Evaluation Site

Bringing up a minimal site to kick the tires


A production site has many requirements and moving parts that make it difficult to understand. This guide will bring up a minimal site on a single node, and demonstrate how a production site extends these concepts.


Install Ubuntu 20.04 on either a physical machine, or a VM.

This system will need the following requirements for a minimal test environment:

  • One network interface that will serve both the public and internal APIs, as well as admin SSH access.

    • A hostname + IP address for this interface, e.g. dev01 ->

    • A hostname + reserved (not associated!) IP address for the HAProxy VIP, e.g. chi.dev ->

  • 20GB of disk space

  • 8GB of ram

  • 4 cpu cores

To test TLS and/or identity federation, you will need to add:

  • A second network interface to separate the Public API from the internal/admin APIs

    • 2 Publicly routable IP addresses. As above, one bound to the interface, and one reserved for the HAProxy VIP.

    • A hostname and DNS record for the Public VIP

    • A TLS cert for this hostname

To test VM support, you will need to add:

  • A third network interface to provide connectivity for guest instances: neutron external interface

  • 40GB of disk space

  • Additional RAM and cores as necessary.

To Test baremetal support, you will need to add:

  • A baremetal node, with PXE boot support, and IPMI enabled.

  • An interface, or a vlan or route on the internal API interface, that can communicate with the IPMI interface on the baremetal node.

  • The in-band interface on the baremetal node must be on the same vlan as the neutron external interface.

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