Ironic (bare metal)

Serial console doesn't work

Check if all configured bitrates for serial console are consistent, including the Serial-Over-LAN (BMC), OS setting, and Ironic's configuration. Also try enabling the console in Ironic, if it is not already:

openstack baremetal node console enable <node>

If this still isn't working, check what IPMI console port is set in the inventory service (Doni); this is NOT the port is listening for IPMI on the BMC, it is the port that will be used to host a socat pipe on the control node. It is usually a high port (>50000).

Horizon displays “No valid host was found” error

This can happen for many reasons. Check a few things:

  • Are there errors in the /var/log/ironic/ironic-conductor.log?

  • Is the node in maintenance mode? (It must be set to the "available" status for Nova to consider it.)

  • Does the node have enough space on the file system? It must have more than the space defined in the baremetal Nova flavor (we set this to a low value on purpose; 20Gb).

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