Instance Failure

Nova can fail to launch instances inside a reservation that clearly still has free nodes. It fails with the error “No valid host found”.

This can be caused by multiple reasons:

  1. get the list of baremetal nodes in the lease.

    chameleon lease resource list <lease_id>
  2. If a subset of these nodes are failing, then check the specific node:

    openstack baremetal node show <uuid>
  3. Check if its in maintenance mode

    1. If yes, check the reason

  4. Check to see if it still has an associated instance ID. If so, run:

    openstack baremetal node undeploy <uuid>

If these don't show an issue, its time to look at the logs. They can seen in /var/log/kolla on your admin node, or via kibana at <site_url>:5601 The credentials can be found in your site's ansible-vault

If you see a conflict, reference

There are also some commands to check the health of all nodes at a site:

List all baremetal nodes in maintenance:

openstack baremetal node list --maintenance

Ironic thinks nodes are active, but doesn’t know about a specific instance

openstack baremetal node list --provision-state active --unassociated

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