inventory/defaults.yml is the primary file you will use to configure your site.

Values set here will be set site-wide, and will override defaults set elsewhere. They will be overridden by values set in host_vars or group_vars.

The default configuration looks like the following:

# This file contains an example site configuration.
# To enable features, each section MUST be customized to you needs.

# Associate Site Name (MANDATORY)
openstack_region_name: CHI@XYZ
# Site name, similar to region but used for out-of-band inventory management
chameleon_site_name: xyz

# HAProxy Config (MANDATORY)
enable_haproxy: yes
# Provide a full TLS chain in /etc/kolla/haproxy/certs.d/
kolla_enable_tls_external: yes
# Set to a "spare" address in the "internal" subnet
# Set to a "spare" address in the "public" subnet
# This should resolve to the external_vip and match the TLS Cert

#Uncomment to Disable Federated Auth
# enable_keystone_federation: no
# enable_keystone_federation_openid: no
keystone_idp_client_id: null

# This is used for glance file backend
# ref:
glance_file_datadir_volume: /var/lib/glance

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