Jupyter Server Launch Failure

Summary: a user's Jupyter server failed to launch on the JupyterHub.

Consequences: the user will not be able to use Jupyter environment. This could also indicate wider issues that may be affecting more users.

Possible causes

Docker unable to map RBD volumes: to avoid storing too much locally on the control node that hosts JupyterHub, we map all user working directories to Ceph RBD volumes.

See if it's possible to create a new Ceph volume.

volname=test-$(date +%Y-%m-%d%H:%M%S)
docker volume create --driver rbd:latest $volname
# Try writing to it
docker run --rm -v $volname:/vol centos:7 touch /vol/test.txt

If that works, then RBD mapping should be working OK. If that doesn't work, then something is wrong.

  1. Clear the Ceph OSD blacklist. It can happen that the Ceph cluster blacklists the client trying to manage the RBD volumes within Docker. Log in to the Ceph monitor node and run ceph osd blacklist clear.

  2. Ensure the rbd kernel module is loaded. This should happen automatically, but the Docker volume driver can't automatically load kernel modules. Run modprobe rbd, and consider adding a file called /etc/modules-load.d/ceph.conf with a single line containing rbd, which will ensure the kernel module is loaded on boot.

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