Precis Parsed Events Low

Summary: Experiment Precis event listener stops parsing OpenStack service notification messages.

Consequences: Users will get Experiment Precis reports with missing information.

Possible causes

OpenStack service is not working: broken OpenStack services will affect emitting notifications to the message bus. Check if the services are running properly and check if the service topic exists using rabbitmqctl list_exchanges | grep <service name>.

Message format is incorrect: Experiment Precis requires 2.0 message format. In the configuration files, make sure oslo_messaging_notifications has driver set to messagingv2.

Message queue is not binding to the OpenStack service exchange: A queue named experiment_precis_event_queue needs to be bound to the OpenStack exchanges so that the messages can flow from the exchange (the source) to the queue (the destination). Use rabbitmqctl list_bindings | grep precis to check if the bindings exist.

If the binding does not exist, re-running the precis.yml playbook should resolve it: ./cc-ansible --playbook playbooks/precis.yml.

Experiment Precis event listener is broken: check if the event listener container is running and check the logs for errors.

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