Often, you'll need to schedule work on a node, and need to indicate that its not available for reservation during that period. Setting the ironic maintenance flag doesn't contain information about the expected duration, so we have a tool for this.

Run the hammer on one of your controller nodes:

sudo cc-hammer python3 hammers/scripts/ \
    --operator "your_user_name \
    --nodes "list,of_node,names" \
    --reason "some_string" \
    --start-time "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss" \
    --estimate-hours "24" \

It will attempt to create a lease for each node in list,of_node,names starting at start-time, and with the duration of estimate-hours. Users will be able to make leases either before or after this duration.

Remove --dry-run to actually make the leases!

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