Known issues

Bootstrapping MariaDB fails

MariaDB cluster is running, but is not reachable via HAProxy

This can happen if the haproxy user is somehow not configured for MariaDB. In particular, if the database_password is changed at some point during bootstrapping, this can get in to a bad state.

If just the haproxy user appears to be missing: try re-running ./cc-ansible deploy --tags mariadb and see if that helps.

If database update operations are failing: try resetting the root password.

  1. You can allow a local login by editing /etc/kolla/mariadb/my.cnf and adding skip-grant-tables and skip-network (the latter disallows network access, for security).

  2. Login via docker exec -it -uroot mariadb mysql

  3. Update all of the root user passwords to your new password. Follow MariaDB docs for how to do this.

If other database operations (like creating DB users for other OpenStack services) work: try manually creating the haproxy MariaDB user.

  1. Login via docker exyec -it -uroot mariadb mysql -p and provide the (unencrypted) root password (database_password in your passwords.yml).

  2. Create a 'haproxy'@'%' user with an empty password. This is what the automation is supposed to do. Then perform a GRANT USAGE ON *.* to 'haproxy'@'%'; FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

  3. Log out of the MariaDB container. You can now try to redeploy HAProxy.

No internet (or disconnect) when executing the openvswitch/neutron role

During the course of provisioning the IP addresses on the interfaces will move to the OVS bridges created by Neutron; this causes remote connections to terminate. Try running the initial run in a tmux or screen session (or via an IPMI console.) If there are still issues:

  • Ensure the physical interface is added as a port on br-ex using ovs-vsctl show. This should be performed during the application of the openvswitch. If not, to manually add, try doing docker exec openvswitch_db ovs-vsctl add-port br-ex <public_interface>

  • Modify /etc/sysconfig/network-script/ifcfg-<public_interface> to make this persist on boot.

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