How Deployment Works

Deploying a CHI-in-a-Box site proceeds as a sequence of steps. Most will only need to be completed once, but they can be repeated as needed in case of configuration changes.

Commands are executed using the cc-ansible executable in the CHI-in-a-box repository, and configuration done by editing text files. These commands and edits are done on the Deploy Host, in order to configure and manage the Control Nodes. Most minimal installations will simply run the Deploy Host on the same node as the CO

  1. Download and install dependencies, and the CHI-in-a-Box tools on your Deploy Host

  2. Initialize your Site-Configuration

  3. Configure the network interfaces on your Control Nodes.

  4. Add your Control Nodes to the ansible inventory in your site configuration, and set any host variables needed to connect

  5. Fill out your defaults.yml with all site-wide config values

  6. Bootstrap the control nodes

  7. Deploy services onto the control nodes

  8. Run Post-Deploy which will use values from defaults.yml to pre-create various openstack objects with the (now running) API, as well as several periodic utility tasks.

  9. Run manual steps using the OpenStack CLI, API, or scripts

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