Ansible Hosts File

inventory/hosts is an ini formatted file. It defines the hosts and groups that cc-ansible will operate on. The majority of this file can be left as-is, and should only be customized by advanced users.

# These initial groups are the only groups required to be modified. The
# additional groups are for more control of the environment.


# No compute node; this is a baremetal-only cluster.



localhost ansible_connection=local


The hostname of your control node will be added to the groups control, network, monitoring, and storage.


Files in the inventory/host_vars directory set variables scoped to a given host. You will likely only have one host here, so there should be a file named after the hostname of your control node.

By default, it will look like the following:

# Initial assumption is that this is also the deployment node,
# therefore any provisioning can be done locally.
ansible_connection: local

#network_interface: eth1
#kolla_external_vip_interface: eth2
  • network_interface: the network interface name that will be used for all internal traffic, and where the haproxy internal vip will be bound.

  • kolla_external_vip_interface: the network interface name to be used for the external API endpoint.


This is not used by default, but allows you to set variables per group, rather than per host.

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