What is CHI@Edge?

CHI@Edge is a Chameleon testbed that provides support for edge computing experiments. In the past, Chameleon has supported research in systems, storage, networking, security, AI/ML, HPC, FPGA and GPU research. Edge computing opens new problem domains for virtually all of the above!

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To stay in the know about everything CHI@Edge you can explore the following options:

  • Mailing list and support. Sign up for the CHI@Edge early users mailing list: you will recieve all the important news about new features, devices, webinar, and workshops.

  • Edge Device Resource Browser. Visit our CHI@Edge Resource Page to learn what devices are available. This is likely to change rapidly; if you don't see devices you would like to experiment with, please post to the edge users mailing list.

  • Documentation and getting started. You can use this documentation, or if you prefer to access devices via Jupyter notebooks, you can explore the CHI@Edge Quick Start notebook, available on Trovi. Both are also likely to change as the offering develops.

  • Webinars. Visit our webinar pages to sign up for an upcoming webinar or watch the latest Introduction to CHI@Edge Webinar.

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